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3-Creeks 3 Weeks

May 3, 2012

It has been 3 weeks since Milwaukie’s Watershed Event and I’m finally coming down from a fantastic high. What an evening it was!!! Filmmakers Andy Maser, Ralph Bloemers, and Sam Drevo spoke after their films and made an awesome impression on the engaged, standing-room only crowd. I believe everyone left with a new vision for our local watershed and the watershed we call home, Earth.

WOW! So many of you have told me how much you enjoyed Lonely Tree, Yippee!!! I want to believe Lonely Tree has moved the 200+ people at the Watershed Event and the hundreds more who have seen the film online to do what what is asked of us  – to contact the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners and tell them you want the Sunnybrook Blvd. Ext. removed from the Clackamas County Transportation System Plan.  With election ballots due in Clackamas County by May 15th this is the time to get the answer about the future of 3-Creeks from the candidates running for county commissioners.

You can contact Commissioners Charlotte Lehan, Paul Savas, and Jamie Damon who are all on the ballot here – – Jim Bernard will continue on the board and supports 3-Creeks. Ann Lininger is stepping away from the board which is fine since she has voted to pave the 3-Creeks. Chair Lehan’s office got back to me when I once again asked her position on Sunnybrook Ext. and 3-Creeks protection, here is the reply –

Hi Greg – Charlotte voted to suspend work or discussion on the Sunnybrook Ext. from the TSP.  Currently the project is “on-hold” as Charlotte and the other Commissioners are exploring other transportation alternatives that would allow 3-Creeks to remain a natural area.  Let us know if you need any more info on this. Thanks, Chris

The BCC put a gag order on itself so they could control the conversation. This poor attempt at leadership misses what the public is asking for. We want the Sunnybrook West Ext, removed from the TSP and then we all start on a new vision for what the 3-Creeks can become. The public wants the road gone from the plan. We don’t want the county to come back with another road plan or any plan that impacts the 3-Creeks and the Kellogg/Mt.Scott Watershed.

The sad part for me is I find I’ve been tuned out by the BCC. It will take your voices, your commitment, your love of nature to open the ears of the BCC and give them the words they need to say.

For the past 150 years our leadership has looked at the  3-Creeks and nature in general as something in the way, something to be removed. It has to stop, you can stop it here. The forest and streams need you.

C the film – Share the film – B the change

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  1. February 2, 2013 10:46 pm

    beautiful lake. would like to have seen more.

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